Watchword is Breathe

Watchword is Breathe

 Remember to Breathe

We all need reminders from time to time. But when the topic is a whole new field like electric vehicles and the proper care and feeding, you may not yet know enough.

Unless of course you have been struggling to make sense of it all for the last three or four years. Or unless you are an electrician working specifically in this arena.

Which is exactly what the team at FastCharge Energy™ has been doing under the watchful eyes of one of our founders. An electrical contractor in both business and commercial applications. Furthermore, one of our investors (and advisor) has 10 years actual EV experience, has owned a total of four Teslas so far, and sold 13 chargers to various businesses in the eastern USA.


P.S. Did I mention we hold your hand throughout the whole process? Life is too short for slow charging! 


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